Metronome Plus

Southwest Music Summer Exhibition

Visit us at Booth #6132


Metronome Tool

  1. *Wide Tempo Range

  2. *Stylistic Indicators

  3. *Easy Tempo Selection

  4. *Configurable Pre-Sets

  5. *Standard Subdivisions

  6. *Tempo Tap In

  7. *Flashing Option

Recording Tool

  1. *Record and Playback

  2. *CD Quality

  3. *Share via eMail

Drum Loops

  1. *5 Drum Loop patterns

  2. *LIVE SOUND technology

Tuning Drones

  1. *Fully Chromatic

  2. *Maj 3rd, P 4th & P 5th


"Done by a musician with musicians in mind. I will tell all my friends and students to get it." ★★★★★


"A GREAT metronome. Easy to use and accurate unlike all the others!!" ★★★★★


"Good metronome; the addition of drum loops is a master stroke." ★★★★★


"Drum beats help make practicing things like scales much more interesting." ★★★★★


"This app is dispensable. I use it to practice and teach. The designer/tech support is fantastic. Bugs are fixed ASAP. I love this app."

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